Too Busy | 197

I'm meeting up with this lovely bear tomorrow, who by the way got her hair cut and straightened! I can't wait to see her, talk and just iafaefe! I miss her so much now that we don't go to the same school.

I have only just finished a super tough week and now I'm basically hopping into another one, but at least it starts with my 200th blog day!!!!!! OH MY GOD, I CAN'T WAIT!!

My 1 week challenge went a bit flop sided. I haven't ate chocolate or anything and I have been a lot healthier, it's just the workout stuff. I'm not taking it as a failure though. I have been walking and running a lot and when it came to Wednesday, Thursday and today, I was just laying down learning, so you know, I didn't have time. I'm doing a lot of active things in the weekend so I'll repay myself then. Other than that, I'm seeing this challenge as a success!



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