Time To Start Exploring Again | 200!

It's day 200! Wow, that's actually incredible! Days like these make me happy that I didn't quit doing this, even if I'm the only person actually reading these... Oh well! That's not what it's about. Maybe one day someone will stumble upon my blog and think "Hey! This girl is as mad as me!" and we could be best friends forever! My eyes are wide open for opportunities, let's start winning life then!

On a bit of a downer note, I totally had the worst night and day and just everything today (rhyme not intended). My phone broke down yesterday and I have no idea what's going on with it but either way I had to go back to my old phone which is so broken I can't actually handle it. I'm super stressed because this was my first actual phone that actually worked and was really nice! Ugh... I'm really upset about my phone, I hope everything will turn out okay.

I have a football tournament tomorrow! I'm very exited (mostly about skipping school because I doubt that coach will even put me in the game...). My coach definitely goes off stereotypes. He's like "You go to some super awesome football club? Okay, you're in. You're a good basketball player? Cool, you're in. You look like you play football? You're in." It's the most absurd and in a way selfish sort of life and behaviour that I just cannot understand. How can you live with such lines for everything? Such strict, plain, unfair lines?

Love, Gabby


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