Sunday Morning In Kraków | 199

So it if officially the end of both the challenge and 200 days... Crazy. It's honestly crazy to think about it. Tomorrow is a crazy day, I'm trying to make my God damn head ache go away, but none the less it's all... OKAY!

I went on this little photo shoot with mumma today. We visited a few places I've been eye-balling for a while now. I got to see the statue of torn-out hearts for the first time up close. It's crazy. My mum told me a lot about it in the car. Autumn sure does make this even more exceptional!

So as said in the beginning, my head is absolutely killing and I'm trying to stay alive since I have 3 tests tomorrow, which I'm just dreading. No video today either, sorry. The pain I'm going through is too large to edit.

Overall, the CHALLENGE went really well. I feel a lot better (other than today) and I'm glad I came up to it. Now it's time to treat myself with treating myself (no dirty thoughts please, I'm talking about a good ol' sandwich).



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