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In just over two weeks is my 200th day anniversary for my Journey! Wow! It honestly blows my mind!!! And the fact that the blog is almost at 1500?! Oh my gosh... Sorry there was no video this weekend, I'm currently planning something superb though, so don't worry!


I'm that kind of person that really likes new things. I don't mean like everything, just adding something new or changes something for something else to make it different. I find it fun and interesting!

Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I try and do something I love, while also doing something totally new or just generally buying something. In these times, when I feel so bad, I turn on the H&M website or some other awesome shop and I try to look for something I love and can afford! It isn't always buying though, it's also finding a different shower scrub or candle and using it rather than what I used earlier.
I find it refreshing, like I'm making my life more exciting.

That's why I love doing new things and why I do so many things! 24 hours appear too short for me and yet I find that more of a blessing than a fault.

So in a way I advise y'all to go and change something. Buy yourself an expensive drink or something! Care about yourself everyday and surprise yourself every once in a while. Be happy.



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