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My friends love me...
I doubt myself, of course I do. It can be extremely hard, believing in me. And it's even harder when people try and wear me down. But none the less, I push it all away and today went great! I feel an illness coming on but I'm still driving forward. I had a nice 40 minute workout session just now, that's why I'm late. I wanted to make sure I do the workout before I upload this, and I succeeded!

I ate rather healthy today, I didn't eat anything unhealthy anyway. The most unhealthy thing that I won't put away is my cappuccino, but I can't tell you how much I actually need it, especially with the amount of sleep I get. I KNOW, I'M A BAD PERSON. Good diets base on good sleep! But sometimes it's just impossible with my routine! I'm alive though and I feel pretty great! Okay, I gotta go!!! I'll see y'all soon though! I'm really proud of myself for getting through DAY 1 really well!



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