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Just over a week till my 200 day anniversary! I cannot wait!!! It's also getting close to my 2 year anniversary with Julia. Did I tell y'all that we're married? Well, we are. It's on the 29th of October is you were wondering haha!

I spent basically all day baking Halloween treats and I am so doooone! It's not even the baking, it's just the fact that I have so many tests this week and I'm crying inside! I generally am feeling quite bad this week, it's just all the stress adding up and I'm getting super done with it. That's why I figured I'd go on a...


If you've been here for a while, you'll know what this is. A one week challenge is a sort of cleansing plan I take in for a week to make my mind and body refresh! This week my food considers of:
  • lots of tea
  • lots of fruit and veg
  • minimal amounts of sugar food
  • school lunches
  • the stuff I baked that I have to eat...
  • lots of water and juices
that's basically it. It's all about the cleanse, to have a moment to refresh and not be covered in all the sugar and chocolate and everything, it's really upsetting me (and my stomach!).

The other extremely important part in this specific plan is the stuff I do after school. It's all going to stay mildly the same, but I have dance classes now (on Wednesdays) and I am going to start going to them! I also have football I need to start going to, but I need a few things before I can go. Also, I have to save an hour for back exercises and blogilates EVERY DAY! Let's get this week started!



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