Disappointment. | 201

So I was at the football tournament today and all that, but seriously. Some people don't know how to behave. My coach basically told me to shut up when I wanted to propose an idea for a better team placement. I said Excuse me, sir, but what do you think about switching- and then he came in saying Are you seriously starting this again? I don't want to hear it. Rather than blabbing you should be getting ready bla bla bla. The whole team was shocked because I was actually going to give an extremely good suggestion from the whole team. Some people just never grow up and think they're the kings of the world, eh?

Anyway, after I got outta that hell (playing 5 minutes of around 1 hour *clap* *clap*) I quickly disappeared to my visit my old school because I finally feel like I'm ready to go back and not freak out! I went back but I didn't see all of my teachers so I will have to go back soon!! I did get to see my lovely, lovely little girl, who I have known for around 3 years now and have basically watched grow! In fact, I saw two girls like that! It was so nice to see many people!!!

After that, I popped to Julia's to do... certain things. She gave me my anniversary pressie today and I just love it! Candy and a book I really wanted #wifegoals . I have a lot of work, so see y'all!



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