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My partner in... brigde.
Some people are actually bored. Today I was supposed to have a big test and a small test and what happened? After the big test, people from my class start begging the teacher to change the test date to next week. She agreed. At the moment I have 2 big tests and 3 smaller tests next week. Isn't that just amazing. Thanks classmates, thanks.

After School Routine:

  • Eat & Relax
  • Homework (1,5 hours)
  • Smaller Studies - Little Learning (around 2 hours)
  • BPRW - Beauty, Pack, Read, Watch
Finally did it! It's a really good plan! Obviously if I finish learning earlier then I can film a video or something.

Tomorrow I have a maths competition in the morning and then I'm leaving for a class trip! I'm going to play in the Polish Championships of Brigde!!! I'm super excited! If there's no Wi-Fi I won't be able to post anything, and I AM going to have late tournaments so the blog posts might be late or early. Anyway, I'm super excited!!!!



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