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Okay, so I'm casually in the tram after school right? I just decided I'd go by tram so me and my friend would get to talk more and yeah, cool. We get in, continuing our conversation. The tram is absolutely packed, it was also half an hour late so... I barely buy a ticket and then head to the nearest ticket thing that ends up being on the very other side of the tram.
We get there, me and my friend, my other friends far behind due to the lack of space. We started talking. I love our chats because they are always so honest, bold and real. We talk about what nobody else does. We discuss everything that is in our interest, for example: children education, honesty, religion, oblivion and so on. It's all raw, our opinions.
It's quite loud in the tram so we talk in a way that we can actually hear ourselves. I had a few tram stops left and we had been talking for over ten minutes when the lady sitting below us, reading a book, suddenly looked up at us and yelled through the whole tram:

"Can you two seriously shut up and be quiet?! I'm not interested in your pathetic problems."

She said more, I've just deleted it out of my brain already.

The tram was speechless. I got an anxiety attack. I was staring into my friend's eyes hoping she'd save me or something. She answered smartly with "Of course."
I then waited off over a minute trying very hard to hold in my emotions.

We still spoke just a lot more quiet and like we were under a censorship. I felt every set of eyes look at us and every person say something about us. I was petrified. When me and my other friend got out, we talked about the situation for a bit before he got into his bus. When he got in I was finally able to let the emotions fly free. Tears streamed down my face. I just couldn't keep it in. I naturally couldn't think of anything else at that moment so I just kept analizing that very situation when I came to a certain conclusion:

Me and my friend were not talking about anything that could harm anyone or make someone feel uncomfortable. We knew we were in a public place so we kept our discussion rather friendly. I can't count the amount of times I have sat in a tram or been near people in public, who speak of their 'sexy times', drugs, alcohol and human body parts. And yet that book-reading-bat had a problem? And she must of had a big one as well since she asked in a such impolite way. She basically screamed at us. The easy, no stress for anyone way is to ask nicely "Could you girls be a bit more quiet because I'm trying to read a book?" Easy. It's THAT easy. But that woman must've not realised how easy it could've been or just has anger issues since she said the way she did.

Be sincere, people. Kindness costs nothing.



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