Sometimes You Need To Just Cry A Little | 148

I woke up to the sound of rain, which is by far one of my favourite sounds ever. Then everything started going oddly worse. I left the house in a denim jacket when it was 10 Celsius and pouring. I waited for the bus over ten minutes. A few waved that there was no room and I was left there soaking. Then when one finally came, I paid the bus driver in 10 and 20 pences, which he luckily chuckled along to. I sat down, the roof had a whole in it, I was still getting wet inside the bus. Then I almost didn't get off on my bus stop which was exciting, but after that everything was pretty much fine.

Going to the crying thing, I felt a bit messed up even at the beginning of the day. People kept asking me what was wrong and I kept answering nothing, because I really didn't know. I have those days, when every word hurts more that usual, every happy thing makes me happier. It was one of those days. Then I go to sleep, and magically life goes back to normal. A day of emotions, few!



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