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This guy woke me up haha! He's such a babe though, my little Cookie. I had my first sadder day in a while, which is good, because being too happy all the time can make me a bit anxious.
I'm currently making lists of healthy recipes I'm going to make once I go shopping, which will be in some time, probably.
I think I might have found a football and dance club! It's not certain yet, my mum needs to make some calls before we know fore sure!

Throwback Thursday

I remember being really young and my sister showing off her amazing PowerPoint skills and then me, wanting to do the same.
At around 4 I started out on Paint, learnt how to add photos, text and generally everything by my self. I was also on the Internet by then and exploring everything.
With some time I got into PowerPoint and started creating presentations. I found out about Word and started writing short stories, books, poems... At that moment I didn't know that in 10 years, I'd still be doing what I was then, just in a more professional way. I still can't believe how 10 years ago, I was already working my dream, it all started 10 years ago...



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