Happy Me | 156

I woke up quite early today to get to a bridge tournament in Skawina. It went pretty okay. Me and my partner (Natalie) were second. To last. Hahhaa! It still was a great experience and everything! What happened after was the great part though...

I sort of snuck out without a parent's pass thing, but nobody really cared which was good! We headed to the park next to the place where we had the tournament. It was big and beautiful! Just outside the park was a cotton candy stand. Me and Natalie both looked at each other and asked in the same time "Do you want one?" to which we both answered "Yeah!".

There were two ladies before us. The first lady was having a white one. Just when she was leaving, the owner of the stand asked us which colour we'd be having, to which we answered "White!". The now first lady before us wanted blue, so the owner said: "Okay girls, since this woman wants a blue one and there's still going to be another white one from the sugar remaining from the last cotton candy, you're going to get a free one." Me and Natalie were instantly happy and devoured the free cotton candy.

The lady then got her one and it was time for our actual cotton candy. It was absolutely huge, I held it while Natalie payed. We were just about to leave when the lady called us over and said "Wait, wait! There will still be one more, I'll just give y'all another free one!" To which we were obviously more than happy!

Then we stepped into the park with our one payed for and other not payed for cotton clouds and started taking pictures and whatnot. We talked for a long time, climbed a few rocks, almost threw up on a carousel and it was generally amazing. We talked about so many things and I just felt so happy and free.

Afterwards we headed to Natalie's house where we played on her ukulele and guitar, talked more, went on the trampoline, played Sims 2 (omg!!) and went for a walk with her dog. I honestly was so happy and I hadn't been that happy for such a long time! It was lovely, pure happiness.
Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
― A.A. Milne


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