Flying High, Not Coming Down | 171

WE ARE 5TH! BOOM-BATTA-BEEM-BATTA-BAAM!!!!!!!! Honestly, what even. We were 8th or 9th after yesterdays round and today the top 4 went to play the finals while everyone else played without them (it's super confusing). Our team; Natalie, me and a female pair, were playing to obviously get as high as we could. After 2 rounds we were already 3rd (not counting the top 4 that were playing the finals) and after the 3rd and final round we got to 1st so number 5 overall! It was insane, I had never had a better game! I'm so proud of the four of us for absolutely SLAYING the tournament!

In other news it's great to be back! When mum picked me up she took me to McDonald's for dinner and then we hopped home to Cookster! I missed him so much!!!

I'm going to remember this day till the end of time!



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