Back To The Beginning | 161

160 blog posts and 1,300 views ago my blog came to life. A few less than that is the start of The Journey. Let me just say this: without a goal - I'm a mess.

I had a little think about myself and what I've been doing lately and I came to a conclusion - Jungle Journey. Sooo... I never fully explained what Jungle Journey was. It's the part of finding yourself in the first stage, it doesn't matter if your interests change throughout it, it matters that you are you and that you love you (as much as you can. Sometimes love is nearer the end... Your acceptance, that is crucial).

I've already crossed that off the list.

Jungle Journey

It's time for the next part. For me, this is organisation, creativity, embracing myself. I'm lacking in all three departments lately. That's why I'm coming back!


I can't tell you how bad I am at this. Step 1 of STEP 1 - write a schedule. See y'all with it tomorrow then.



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