And So The Adventure Begins | 168

The first day was a blast! I went to school for the maths competition, then left school to find Nata-Bae waiting for me outside with coffee! Honestly can't believe she did that xx

After standing around for a while, we went quick road trip shopping. After that we headed off to the place we were supposed to wait for the coach. In our luck, we obviously were an hour early, so we sat around for a while and then decided to take a walk on BÅ‚onia, one of Cracow's most famous fields. Anyhow, we were back just some time before the bus and we got to chat to all our friends and whatnot. Then there was a looong drive.

When we got there, we basically ate dinner and went straight to playing. And a few other things that y'all don't really need to know...



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