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Do you guys have crap teachers? You know, as crap that they literally tell you to get ready in the summer holidays because when you come back you're going to be writing a big test from half the book? Well, mine are. And let's say that I'm FREAKING OUT and I can't hold my shiz together. My school anxiety is already big enough, but the fact the some teachers can't even let their students chill out in the SUMMER HOLIDAYS disgusts me so much.

I still haven't got to actually studying for the exam because I literally get a panic attack every time I think about it. So that's how it's looking for me...

In other news, I'm editing a video that was filmed with my mum's camcorder! It looks really nice at the moment so WOO!
It is boiling today. Actually grilled my insides. Ugh, it's supposed to be 41 degrees Celsius this weekend and I'm barely alive when it's 30.
I ate half a watermelon and I feel sick hahaha! It's been sitting in my fridge for almost a week now so I sort of had to eat it, haha!
While I ate my watermelon I watched Pitch Perfect 2 again! I love that movie so much and I can't wait till the 3rd.

I guess I need to go edit and stuufff...



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