One Of Those Days | 141

A little something I created yesterday!
I pretty much spent the whole day watching Phan Sims 4 hahahha! I was supposed to be studying! Well that's the power of the internet I guess...

I'm feeling back and powerful! And that happened literally the second that I opened the blog post draft... This blog is SERIOUSLY helping me out ahaha! School is starting in a few days and easy to say I'm DREADING IT! I had a major lazy day today so tomorrow I have to get back to work and do things like:
  • edit my video
  • clean up
  • eat healthy-ish
  • plan school stuff
  • make a list of the stuff to buy
  • not kill myself...

I'm dying from the constant heart beating thing (well, I'm alive due to the heart beating, I'm talking about the heart thumping and kicking out of my chest). It's like a eternal suspense feeling and I hate it more that anything in the world. I'm constantly shivering and anxious, jee, I hate it! I need to comfort myself with some cute school supplies hahaha!

142 - Be productive



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