Gettin' Ready | 114

Don't you guys love it when you make some very nice plans for the morning, set an alarm, wake up, snooze and actually wake up 2 hours later? Well that's what happened to me, haha! When I actually got up, me and my momma went shopping. We bought some groceries, flowers, sports clothes (I'll show y'all it soon enough) and a desk for me! I've literally been begging mum to buy it for around 4 months haha. The good thing is that it's finally on it's way. You'll see it in about two weeks.

We also got the shot to hop into KFC. I'm that type of person that prefers McDonald's, anyone with me? I'm not a huge fan of things that are spicy or fizzy. Nonetheless, I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a Zinger and a Summer Bubbly Lemonade drink. The Zinger was so extremely spicy for me! I couldn't take it, haha! The drink was amazing though, ever since Laura gave me a lot of her bubbly drinks to try out I really developed some sort of love to them!

I'm currently editing a video for you guys. I literally have no good background music and when I find a cool page with cool songs it turns out I have to sign up and do all that. That would be fine if not for the fact that they want my phone number too, that worries me haha. If you guys have any jolly non copyrighted background music I'd be pleased as punch!



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