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School is coming back, it's just behind the corner! I'm so not enjoying the wait. Aaaaaa! Even if I try to take my mind off it I have to go and start studying which doesn't help. Yes, my geography teacher literally said that there will be a test on the second geography lesson when we come back. Great.

The learning is going well, I had a pretty good day today. Got a lot of things done, I'll finish the list tomorrow! I was looking through old blog posts today and I couldn't believe everything that has happened. I know I keep saying that I'm doing some changes with this blog and what-not but everything stays the same, DON'T WORRY. The biggest problem is actually that I am worrying so much, even though I can't do anything at the moment because I don't have my school plan and I need my school plan to be able to start. Ahhh, It shall all be revealed soon! I'm secretly quite excited for school, I'm not too sure why. School is honestly my biggest fear, but then again...


It was a normal day. I was casually sitting on Facebook, as one does. I go on chat to see that the person who literally flipped my world upside down (in the worst possible way) was online.
I was expecting myself to feel angry, upset or scared and yet I was considering talking to her.
I knew I needed to consult this with someone before I did it.
My dear friend was online so I told her the situation and asked if I could speak with her or not. Luckily, she bounced me out of the idea. You see, some people were born b*tches, some people become them out of their reasons. This person, maybe not a bad person overall, but treated me like meat. But not everything will always hate you. I've forgiven that girl, but it doesn't change the fact that I can't talk to her because she doesn't like me. School, on the other hand, doesn't hate me for anything and I don't feel any grudges against school. It's just fear.

JUST FEAR. Yes, I said JUST. I made school into the stereotype of fear, fright, anxiety #1 and all that. When in fact, it's fine (in most cases). There are obviously the worse days, but those just come and go! It's important to concentrate about the good and happy things, make them as big and possible, so that the sad and bad things are the smallest, forgettable things. That, my friends is eternal happiness.



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