The Hottest Day In Poland EVEERRRR | 107

I sorta had to put a photo of the snow because that's just me, haha! But being real, it was 27°C at 8 o'clock, and got up to 37°C later! It was officially too hot to function. I had to throw in a slight Mean Girls reference, of course... 

I was in the shops today. Me and my mum did some ultimate shopping, probably the biggest that have ever been done in one day and throughout the stuff we bought were two PlayStation 2 pads (the oldest console ever haha, but it still works and I have a ton of games so...) and the game for XBOX - Dance Central 3! I've wanted a dance game for over 2 years, haha! I was over happy when I finally got it!
In other stuff that I bought, was a lot of school stuff! It was my very first time buying Oxford notebooks. The paper in them is magnificent and having something new and so lovely really grew my happiness level! I generally bought many notebooks and school stuff, most of them being Oxford's brand.
My laptop is STILL not back! They called saying it should have been back a week or two ago, but the forgot to send some sort of cable or something and that they are going to send it soon. If it won't be back at home next week, I will NOT be impressed.
I'm really excited about the Paper Towns movie. I want to go see it with a friend or two, heehee. I always had this sort of love for Cara Delevigne... Let's just say that it's a secret dream of mine to get to meet her. But other than Cara, I really like the storyline for the movie. I haven't read the book, but I think most of us can agree that TFIOS was amazing, so I really can't expect much less from this one!
I'm saving up for a camera! The NIKON 5200... It's a dream.



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