Regretting Mistakes LET'S TALK | DAY 84

Does your conscience ever bug you after you said or did something wrong? Even with those little things like saying a rude word in front of a grown up, punching your crush a little bit too hard...? Well something like that happened to me and I literally couldn't get over it. How I did? Let me tell you...

Draw yourself a number line with numbers from 1-10. Think about the thing that's bugging you and rate in on the scale. If it's something like what I said earlier, I rate it as a 1-4. My one was a 2. Now think about it honestly: Should I actually be worrying about it? You need to have some alone thinking time and realise that it really isn't that bad! It's just your mind telling you otherwise. Have a talk with your problem and see that it isn't that relevant.



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