I got it! WOOOO! I'm so proud of myself! 100 days! So many important decisions were taken today. I need to make it by midnight! 

I'm quitting vlogiday. It doesn't make much sense. Doing it without it actually being there. I still don't have my laptop so... That's over, haha. I will be posting vlogs in the vlogiday series just not everyday since it's already well... UM... You know haha. 

I'm happy again! That's a little BTW. 

I'm starting running again!! It was over 30°C in the morning but I felt a sudden urge to go running so I did! I don't advise it, my whole breakfast literally grilled inside me and I thought I was going to throw up any second... BUT I STILL LOVED IT! 

I'm gonna tidy up tomorrow, I need to. It's an absolute riot in my bedroom. 

There's so much to tell y'all, I just can't wait for my laptop. Oh! And I filmed a video today! See y'all soon! Stay happy xx



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