Being Ultra Creative | 112

I have honestly been extremely productive today! The funniest thing being I actually wasn't trying to, haha! When I woke up I went straight to editing my blog again and I'm FINALLY happy with it. It looks like an actual dream! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOOOOOOOVE IT!

Obviously later I fulfilled my duty of playing some Sims on the PS2. I'm almost finished with it! I'm going to play a bit more after I've finished a few things.

I also tidied up a ton of things and got a few video and blog stuff ideas... maybe... or maybe I'm joking... ha... you'll never know!!

Now I'm cleaning out all of my SD cards, because they have all been full since I came back from England. I'm going to edit/schedule a few videos for y'all since you have been waiting quite some time. I can't wait till my friends come back, because they can help me with the things I may or may not have mentioned earlier... you know... or you don't haha!

Anyway it's been a busy day and I can't wait for y'all to see what I've been doing. BTW I just downloaded VSCOcam and I'm gonna blow up my Instagram feed hahaaha.

113 - I'll build my house in The Sims, hahaha



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