I Need Time | DAY 74

This colour is luuuuuuuuuuuush!
I just remembered that my ULTIMATE 5 WEEK CHALLENGE is over! And that it has been for almost a week, haha! YAY, I DID IT!

Right, going to the title of this blog post... Yesterday I said I was happier. Today, I'm feeling the opposite. I am extremely stressed out. SERIOUSLY. I scream and swear at everything, I cry in every free second, I feel down 24/7. All of those things = ANXIOUS. I walk on the side of the road scared if a car will hit me. I feel like I have no time even though I have nothing to do. Luckily in a few days I'm off to England, where hopefully I'll be able to relax and get a bit more back to normal, because whatever this is, is not normal.

I was at my gran's today. I updated my Instagram A LOT. My favourite colour changed not too long ago - it's now light blue.

I was just on my YouTube channel and I want to take this quick second to thank everyone who watches my videos, who likes them and supports me, it really means a lot. I'll be posting a video as soon as I possibly can.
You know your doing good if people are hatin'...
First hate comment on my video - I shook it off.
Guess I'll see you soon then lovelies. I'm feeling better already, haha!



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