HOT 14 | DAYS 69 & 70

HOLY CRAP - yes, day 70. This blog has been going on for 70 days, jeez! Well, my birthday yesterday was A-MAZING. It looked something like this (adding tons of FAAABULOUS points to every point obviously):
  1. I met them at McDonald's (only knowing about Jules, not knowing Natalie would be there)
  2. They handed me a McDonald's cappuccino - my faaaaaaaaaaave
  3. We head off to an unknown destination
  4. We arrived and went into the KRAKÓW WATER PARK
  5. I was freaked out and didn't understand how I'd get in since I didn't have my swimming costume
  6. Mags (my sis) gave my swimming costume to Jules earlier in the day and at this point J gave it to me
  7. We had fun for a few hours
  8. We got out, borrowed some spoons from a restaurant and ate the cake Natalie baked
  9. We took 90309 photos
  10. We went back to MCD
  11. We ate
  12. I said THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU and goodbye <3
Couldn't have been more happy! I also got a lot of hearty messages and aaah! It was all just lovely!

Today though, I was in schooool and stuff, but later I went to Starbucks for the first time in my life! WOOOO! I had a mango smoothie, but I'm such a crap person that I've forgotten what it was called haha!

Right, I'm heading home, because the last few days I have been staying at my gran's. See y'all soon!



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