My feet at the waterfall. The symbolical photo reminding me to follow what I believe in...
What? WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! Well, as I've been saying that I have been feeling crap lately and all that, I felt I need to go back a couple steps and work on some skills! So, I finished the organization part of The Journey some time ago, but there is no perfect person that can learn something once and be perfect at it straight away. For the next 5 weeks (counting today) I am going to go on this major, crazy challenge, where I have to prove myself with, for example:
  1. Eating healthy (no chocolate bars!!!),
  2. Blogilates / other exercise Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu (when I can),
  3. Running Fri, Sat, Sun (when I can),
  4. Doing homework straight after I come back and have dinner,
  6. Not trying to be perfect - Not trying to be a different me,
  7. Being organized,
  8. Getting together with my Instagram account, hee hee!
  9. Stop over thinking - If something feels right, I do it without any more questions. If it feels wrong, I turn around and walk away,
  10. Be HAPPY - do what I love.
Hopefully I'll realize what's most important and stop worrying about what's not! That's my goal. This part in The Journey?


There's a part in every journey when you have to go back and see what you have done, see what you need to improve... I'm finishing this just before my birthday too, so that you know... I can eat chocolate or something haha! Easy to say that I'm quite stressed out. Aaah! Listen:

"You don't need to be 'perfect' to be accepted. You yourself are perfect just the way you are. Perfect isn't about being that stereotype with a thigh gap, straight beautiful teeth and millions of guys falling below them. NO. It's about being yourself, being an individual. If everyone is going to be running to that 'perfect' state of life, everybody will be the same and those people will become the normal, not bad people. The ones who were themselves, on the other hand will keep their cards of PERFECT, since they have been and will be perfect as long as they keep doing what feels right to them, not what people say. That's perfect and you have to remember what perfect is."
And there's a little bit of #GISDOM (Gabby Wisdom) for all y'all. Keep this in your hearts will ya. I'm doing all of this FOR me, but not to change me. I'm helping myself with life, not making it perfect in any way. Perfect life is just boring anyway, haha!




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