There Goes A Month | DAY 31

Selfie with the MILKA Cow xx (Google it!!)
Hey friends! I feel a lot better emotion-wise. My stomach doesn't feel like giving me a rest though! Today has been and still is a quite busy day: went running in the morning, washed, printed photos, spent a lot of time with Jules (Julia), filmed a video and I'm still doing a few more things now! Jeee... At least I'm getting stuff done! I can't believe there is only 7 weeks till the end of school! WOW! Well, for me anyhow. Y'all could have more or less, depends where you are (WOW, OBVIOUSLY).

I'm going to have a very deep video coming up soon, not too sure when yet, because I haven't finished filming it yet, but I do have a different one finished sooooo... I'm not sure, haha!

Oh my gosh! Just remembered!! That post I talked about not too long ago - with the British Parliament banning lipstick and all? Yeah, well that sorta went popular again and it's been trending on Tumblr for God knows how long. That's so cool!

TOMORROW - DAY 32 (it has officially been a month *proud tears*) - I WILL STAY FOCUSED 

Right, I'm off to do all of the stuff I'm slacking with haha. Stay in there guys, I love y'all <3



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