So tired! | DAY 24

Yes, I'm late again. It's been reaaaally rough these few days and even though I came back today, I had to do things like unpack, do the washing, homework and all that GAH! My trip was pretty awesome, we played BRIDGE for a very long time and I also got the chance to play football! WOOO!

There's not really that much to tell. Ooh, right... I'm afraid there might not be a video ready this week either. Unless I have time to film it tomorrow, then well, you know. I have so much things to do and no time to do them! AHHH! I'll tell ya'll what though: once I finish school (as in we have all of our end grades), I am going to have a ton more time and everything should be going as planned again. From what I know, that is going to be sometime this month!

I'm going running tomorrow which is exciting! It's supposed to be quite warm. Okay, now I have to hurry back to the stack of homework waiting up for me, haha.



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