Well... after being super lazy and wondering what to do with my life all morning, at 17 o'clock I finally got my 'power kick'. It's that thing, when magically you want to get so many things done, you have so many plans and you just want to do them all. I usually get that at around 10 pm, so this definitely helps me out a lot, haha!

First thing's first: go follow me on POLYVORE  http://gabigib.polyvore.com/ . I remembered about it today and just went mad. I have a ton of outfits planned, so go check it out! It's like a year-round lookbook!

Secondly: I made muffins (very healthy ones too!) and jelly!!! Okay, you might be thinking 'aren't you on your healthy diet thing?', well... Turns out that jelly will actually help my knees get stronger! I'm going to have to eat quite a lot of it too!

Thirdly: Yesterday I found that pocket calender I needed and today I DIYed it! It looks beautiful! It turned from bright red to material blue. Ooh! And guess what I called him? MATERIAL BOY.

Right, I gotta get off then! I still have quite a bit of things to do and by the way: MY NEW VIDEO IS OUT THIS SATURDAY!!



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