Jubby Reunited! | DAY 37

Yes, yes. Jubby for life haha! We went to see PITCH PERFECT 2 and it was ahh-maaaay-zingg!!! And it was such a beautiful day too! Jee! I was stressing out a lot earlier because of the tests I had today, but I think I did well and I just generally feel quite positive about it! Unfortunately, my throat is extremely sore and it really hurts.

I think I forgot to tell y'all something so: I'm moving house! My mum had bought an actual house (we live in a flat) and we're moving sometime this month! AHHH!

As for tomorrow, I'm going to have a lie in and then go to my new house, paint the walls and all of those things haha and afterwards I'm meeting up with Natalie! Who knows, maybe I'll film a video...?
Okay, I think I'm going to be off now. I reeeally need to get some sleep. 5 hours just isn't enough.




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