Insufficient Space In Brain | DAY 49

"I'm watching you..."
Yeah... Just as I thought I knew everything, turned out I didn't! I got an F from Spanish today... oops. I'm going to write the paper again this Friday though, so I'm not too worried! I honestly have no space in my head any more, everything is filled up.
*Googles 'how to clean out your brain'*
*finds WikiHow*
*reads patiently*
I dang loooooove WikiHow. It helped me with a lot of my problems (including anxiety). And the 7th point in that link?

Listen to yourself.

So. Bloody. True. 

When I am stressing out, I just started speaking with myself saying 'HEY! GABBY! Listen to me.' And all the other thoughts shut down. It's a sort of restart call for my brain. You yourself know how you feel and what you want to do to make you feel better. I call myself out and then tell me that I'm not going to die, that I'm over thinking and everything is fine. Pretty much all of the times - that is actually true.


Love, GABBY 


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