Getting Brighter! | DAY 27

Hello friends! Wow, life is great, haha. I had a pretty okay day... Actually, it was crap, but for some reason I keep thinking it was pretty okay, hahaha! Tomorrow is going to be a babe! Supposed to have 8 hours of school - going to have 4! WHAT? Ahh, soooo much more time on my hands! I may or may not have just filmed a video too... I dunno, haha. I think I'm going to finish all of my TO DO list stuff and a bit more, JEE I'M SO PLEASED!

Tomorrow, even though I have only four lessons (and a spelling bee at the end of the day) I have to learn some geography and play SKYFALL on the keyboard in front of my class. I have anxiety, as many of you may know so performing in front of anyone is hard for me so this is going to be a scary one!


If you have anything stressful going on, tell me below. I'M POSITIVE YOU'LL BE FINE!!!



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