Back To The Stress | DAY 32

Not going to lie, very stressed today. I've been experiencing some problems lately and even though I myself don't worry about them, I feel that inside Gabby is stressing out waaaay to much! I'm also going back to school, because DUH, it's Monday. I want to have an open-up session with y'all. As much as I'm crap at thinking and helping myself, I like giving advice and people say I'm quite good! If you have any problems, tell me about it. I'd be very happy to help.

On a more pleasant note, I'd like to remind everyone how polite and sassy Tumblr is, haha! It actually warms my heart. The Tumblr Support staff, Tumblr sites. It's just such a lovely atmosphere and I'm happy I'm part of the community!

TOMORROW - DAY 33 - I WILL WAKE UP (and be myself)

Lately (as mentioned earlier) things have just been really dodgy. I'm shaken all the time, putting away all of the things I have to do (that's why there were no videos for two weeks...). Everything is just really weird.  I'll speak to y'all soon.



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