Ahh, Lucky Me! | DAY 42

Supposed to make pancakes - didn't work. Made yoghurt with fruit instead haha.
Well... My BOSS mamma brought me my fixed laptop a few minutes after I went to bed. I was honestly so happy! So yeah, she's fine (yes, I name objects and I've figured that my laptop is a she. I just don't know what she's called yet so leave some suggestions below!).

Today was pretty okay actually! It was suuuper, super hot 27°C!! At 17 o'clock, me and my mum went to the doctors. I'm staying home till the end of this week, woooo! After that we went to a 'building materials' store and my mum brought a few bits and bobs. I also got myself a cappuccino from McDonald's. They are my ABSOLUTE favourite! Oooh! Guys! How do you spell 'favourite = favorite'? I think one of them is English, the other American. I have NO idea, haha!

Since I am staying home tomorrow and after tomorrow, I will be able to film some videos! I had to DIY myself a wall calender today, because for some stupid reason, there isn't any. Like ANYWHERE! And I will also have to DIY today or tomorrow the cover of this not very pretty pocket calender. Okay, I'm off! Yay, I can't wait till tomorrow!!




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