4 Weeks Left! | DAY 40

Cuddling up with this one. Quick sad note before y'all start reading: he didn't actually get better, he's still ill.
Yooo, it's day 40! Can't believe The Journey has been going on for so long already! Ahhh...
So I stayed home today and got quite a bit of things done! I also wasted over an hour by going to the shop, looking for a pocket calender for ages and then finally have some horrible, mean person tell me that there is none. Jeez, thanks for being such a lovely person, stranger. Anyway... haha, I also got a lot of things done and filmed this week's video!!! Can't wait for it to go up! I have an idea for a ton of videos after that, too. I just REALLY need to buy that blooming calender! I'm not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow. I still don't feel too bright...

If your new here, then you probably have no idea what I'm talking about haha! Okay, so a week ago I started my 5 week challenge (ending on the day before my birthday heehee) in which I have to eat healthier, work out, being organized and happy and so on. It's actually been going pretty well! I ate some very light chocolate in the first few days but I HAVE been staying away from those BIG, BULGY sweet chocolate bars! Just for your information, dark chocolate is much much much healthier than regular chocolate and it's also a brain super food, so I have one of those for a week or two.

But yeah! I have to iron and do some more homework before tomorrow and we'll see! By the way, this blog post is written two hours before it goes up, so if I'm not going to school, I'll just update y'all later. That's it for now! I'M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL! YES, THEN!!!




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