The Journey Has Begun

Hello there! I've figured that it's time to put up one of those "goals" again.

So... I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for a long time now. I don't speak of it often because what is there really to tell?

Some time ago, I stopped fighting with it and started fighting with myself, which led me to all of the changes happening in and out of me (that, and the fact I'm going into the teenager stage).

I can't count the many times I promised myself I'd go running in the morning, eat healthily, work out or get ahead with my school work.

I've planned that I'd change things in my life many times before, but it seemed that the pressure I put on myself wasn't helping me at all!

I have decided it it time to start the official change. It's impossible to change yourself in a short period of time - it depends on the type of person! And getting to a better place also isn't just a quick trip. So baby steps! Baby steps...

Here I am, walking for your eyes. Completing one little goal at a time, adding a few more every month or so, making sure it's not overwhelming. My own little journey is about to start! Care to join me?



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