The Journey - DAY 3

It's a new day and I am absolutely exhausted! 5 MASSIVE tests and 5 smaller ones. Let's just say it has been a very stressed out day for me today.

With days like this you just have to remember that in the end - tests are just tests, grades are just grades. If people set up 10000 tests in one week, they won't be able to judge your intelligence, but you can judge theirs: if they give you that many tests in a week in the first place - they are the mad ones! NOT you. Keep yourself up with that little thought. Don't say it in front of any teachers though, haha! Don't get in trouble on the day of the test. Don't be worried too. It isn't about getting the best grade, it REAAAALLY is just about trying your best. If you did, you have already succeeded. At this point the grades don't matter :) Hang in there lovelies.

I also went shopping with mamma today and edited & scheduled my new video! It'll be out Sunday for y'all. Now for some relaxation I'm going to have a bath and study some more in it, as well as after it. Have a lovely day <3



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