The Journey - DAY 2

Woke up to another wonderful day today! And the temperature? MAD! 20°C!!

Had a pretty good day at school too. Had a little panic attack on my polish lesson though. I really can't get enough of this beautiful day!

Anyhow... After school my mum, sister and her boyfriend all went shopping, because my mum has brought a house! I'm really proud of her and everything she is achieving. Mum is definitely BAE nr 1.

After all that shopping we went back home and I TIDIED UP MY ROOM. I really needed that. I also did a few different little things I was slacking on (as I mentioned yesterday). Now I'm sitting around in my tidy room watching one of my favourites "Mamma Mia".

But next week worries me as hell. I have a ton of tests and it's absolutely freaking me out. That's why I'm relaxing and getting exited for the end of the week. A great way to conquer the worries is to get excited for something after the troubles. My thing is "The Duff" coming out in Poland! You can get through ANYTHING with a little help from yourself. Hang in there, lovelies. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.



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