New Goals | DAY 17

Sorry that it's late guys! I've been writing it for a suuuper long time and I didn't realize what the time actually was.

Anyway... today I had a super nice, positive and busy day! I woke up and went to my new house with my mum (yay!). That's a house window by the way, haha. After that we went swimming costume shopping, yet ended up buying other clothing items! We also had ice-cream. I had lemon sorbet and strawberry yogurt! THEN, we went home and I tidied up, so I wouldn't have to do so later. And LATER Julia came round! We played a lot of games and messed around generally. Hey Julia!

I also got this sort of enlightenment while I was in the clothes shop. As I don't think I have said this yet, I have problems with my legs, resulting in pain, troubles in walking, running and so on. I don't actually know what is wrong, the doctors don't know either. Anyway, a possible way for me to solve this is to make my legs muscles stronger. To do that though, I have to go through pain. It's a lose - lose situation. 
You see, if I don't strengthen my muscles, I will still go through the pain and I won't be able to play any of my favourite sports or run. And if I do, I will go through bigger pain than ever and it might not even work! 
I used to play in all the sports competitions, often taking a high place. Now I can't do much at all, since I can run a few seconds and my knees already hurt. Anyhow, I have decided. I miss running, playing football, hockey and all the rest. I don't want to be aching any more! I'm going to start working out strictly on my legs, so I can make them more powerful. It's already so bad, that sometimes, just going down the stairs causes pain. I don't want that any more. 
I know myself and I know that I will most probably not keep up with running all the time, so instead I've made this plan:
On the M, T, W & Th I will  do blogilates for legs (occasionally changing it up and doing it for a different body part. On F, S, Su I will try to run, if not then I'll do blogilates. I'll especially be able to run when I move house or when I'm off school. And that's that! Sorry again for being late! Super busy day.


And on that note, I'll see y'all tomorrow (also with a new video!).



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