Motivation LET'S TALK | DAY 5

I am still feeling quite ill today. Didn't get up to much either because of how bad I feel. I have watched my new video many times though. And the one I schedule uploaded yesterday... It's hilarious! Today I've been resting and relaxing, sitting on Tumblr to be exact. Speaking of, I JUST GOT MY FIRST EVER 1000 NOTES!!! Easy to say I was SUPER happy.
Go have a look, maybe you'll find something you'll like!

On JUNGLE JOURNEY (JJ) news, I have to tell you that it's going quite well and I'm starting to think about what quest I should add soon...


Since I had so much time on my hands today, I didn't just sit on Tumblr, but I also thought. Thinking, thinking, thinking... And while thinking about what to think about, something caught my eye. A sentence written on my wall, reading: I WANT TO MAKE VIDEOS! I wrote this presumably around January this year, some time before I started my YouTube channel. I wanted to make videos for such a long time, but there was just too many problems for me to deal with:
  • broken laptop
  • no time
  • no confidence
  • laziness
  • not knowing what to do, etc.
 And around that time, I started thinking about what I really want, thinking if YouTube was that thing that I wanted around. With all of these thoughts hanging around I was losing my interest, before I remembered all the things I had done to be able to start it:
  • new laptop
  • slowly organizing
  • quick gain of confidence
  • loving work
  • overflow of ideas and being an expert
 After such a long and tiring battle, I wasn't going to just let it go. I needed a hobby anyway, and this was the one that snugly fit my expertise! 

If you want something really bad, and you've gone through many troubles, you don't stop until you achieve it.
Always remember what matters most to you. You are capable of everything.



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