Long Lists | DAY 19

I feel waaaaay calmer today! It's been a pretty stressful day though - nothing like getting a pre-anxiety attack on my history lesson! Hell yeah! I got through though.

I've realized that I have a TO DO list that is always waiting for me TO DO the stuff on it. I do the things I'm used to doing, but those little different things like finishing a song (yeah, I write songs!), getting rid of something and so on are always there, STARING at me, waiting. I figured I need to get a move on with this super long list and here is how:

 It's the so-called "reward-penalty" tactic. I have a time (ex. a day) to complete the list. If I do something, I get the reward written next to it. When the time finishes, I count up how many things I didn't do and fulfil the penalty for that number:
  1. Blogilates x1
  2. Blogilates x2
  3. 20-30min run
  4. Etc.
It's going quite well as for today. My TO DO list time is till the end of Wednesday. Also, I'm off on a class trip from Thursday to Saturday morning, so depending on how the Internet is going to act, the posts might be late. And my video is going to be up on Sunday. I don't have the courage to go up to that yet, haha. Do y'all have any long lists?




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