Interuptions | DAY 21

Ahhh, so well I got through school pretty okay! Quite fun, if I say so myself, haha. What was after school was the problem though... 58 TRAMS IN A TWO WAY TRAFFIC JAM. Crap. I got home around an hour late, ughhh.

Afterwards on the other hand, was great! I played Skyfall for a bit (I'm going to learn the chorus in a moment!), ate late lunch and went running! I have the huuuuge feeling I won't make it with my TO DO list, although I'm going to try to finish as much as I can today. That's why I went running! I was out for about an hour, easy to say that I'm super proud of myself, haha!

When I finish writing this, I'm going to try to finish up my TO DO list, play Tomodochi Life (heehee) and get ready for tomorrow - I'm off for a school trip! As I said earlier, I don't know how the internet is going to act, so I'll try and post if I'll even be able to. Ooh! And as for a film I'm recommending, this month it's MY SUMMER OF LOVE, it's directed by PaweĊ‚ Pawlikowski (a Polish director, you might recall IDA, which recently received an Oscar).


I love ya'll and I'll write to you soon! Tell me in the comments what you're doing this weekend! I'd love to know xxx



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