I Don't Bite | DAY 11

Yummy, yummy tortilla for lunch!
Mornin'! I just randomly felt like checking where about in the world y'all are and oh my word. I can't believe how many of you there is! My LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE is just #winning! Too many things at once, let me elaborate, haha.

  1. Discoveries 
    Most of y'all are from the USA. Hello there! I've never been, always dreamed of it though! Would LOVE to go. Hint, hint.  
  2. Don't be afraid of me, haha! As my bio says, I've been thrown and helped many times and it's time to share my love. If you have any questions, ideas, jokes (I do love a little joke here and there *wink*) or ANYTHING (just no hating on anyone please) then comment down below the posts and on all my other social media! We can have a little secret slumber party, haha! It'll be fun! I REALLY don't bite - human flesh doesn't tickle my fancy.
  3. Triple L, meaning LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE 
    Okay, so before this became a massive phenomenon and was known EVERYWHERE, I had my own little meaning for LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE (Triple L).
    LIVE - this blog. All about life and living. A big old hug for when you need it. That was the main purpose of this blog. Just check out my first posts!!
    LAUGH - my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CraftyBeautyAndTea/feed. I always say BE HAPPY on the end of my videos for a reason guys. I really do mean it :) I just want y'all to be happy and those videos are meant to do that, even if it's not fully working yet, haha. I'm getting there.
    LOVE - my Tumblr http://rosestarred.tumblr.com/. I'm a sucker for all those little, happy things in life. A blooming flower, a funny joke, a beautiful smile or a lovely moment. Every little thing that makes me (new word coming - means: smile, have butterflies) fluttle is on there. Pieces of inspiration, memories, happiness. A little bit of everything. That is my love, my heart.
    To be pretty honest; Life, Laughs and Love all apply to my blog, YouTube and Tumblr, just one L-word applies to one happy thing more than the rest. Combining these three, you get a pretty solid look into my heart and brain (avoiding all the blood and veins and other horrible stuff, haha. Bad joke, Gabby, not your best for sure). Ahhh, so that's that! Oops, wait! I didn't say why 3xL is #winning! So lately this blog has been on a ROLL, I recently hit 200 views and 9 subscribers on my YouTube (which I'm just MEGA proud of like all my L's) and I hit 400 followers on Tumblr TODAY! YAY!
 Up there is a little tortilla I ate for lunch (obviously, it's in the caption Gabby, DUH!). The 'being healthy' thing is going pretty well. Today I've eaten Greek yoghurt + muesli, that tortilla, potatoes with cauliflower and popcorn (at least I'm telling the truth!). My new video with Julia has just gone live too, so be sure to check that out! I think I'm going to school tomorrow, so I'll update you soon.



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