I Did It | DAY 10

Loving this beautiful blossom! Lucky I convinced myself to go outside!
AAANNND... DOUBLE DIGITS BABES! Wow, gosh I'm sorry. I just realized that you have no idea what I'm so happy about, haha! Well...


I'm organized! I DID IT! Time for a new challenge, which I've already thought of, haha.


  1. I have to eat healthier, because lately it hasn't been too good. Drink the smoothies I drank, eat the fruits and vegetables I ate... 
  2. I must do BLOGILATES - POP PILATES everyday when I have time and I feel fine.
  3. I will keep my room tidy (VERY IMPORTANT). Keep Room Tidy = Keep Gabby Happy.
  4. Listen to music on & from school. Just updated my music folder on my phone. Woohoo!

Super pumped! I feel ready and I'm going to try to get this going, I mean look - I got through the Jungle Journey (hardest part) in 10 days! Wow! NEVER take away the happiness of being proud of yourself! NEVER! Jeez, I'm so happy though!

On the crappier side, it hasn't been the calmest day. I feel crap, I'm super anxious and I had a few, what I like to call, MINI attacks. They last 1-2 mins and they just make me jump, sometimes cry and feel like an anxiety attack just shorter. After these I usually get anxiety attacks. So I'm really on edge I guess. I've been trying to calm down a lot though. I've been outside, I'm not going to school 21, 22, 23 (YAY! 3rd-year Middle School peeps are writing tests) and I ate my FIRST EVER avocado! Pretty good, not gonna lie. Now I just need to calm down though!



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