Hi Stress | DAY 6

Yes, yes... Stress is back again. That's why this post is late. I'm feeling quite a lot better, so my mum wants to send me off to school again tomorrow. When I was home alone I just started getting really anxious, which obviously led me to miss my schedule with everything, including:
  • eating
  • this blog post
  • homework
  • taking medication
  • drinking
  • taking care of myself (sitting in a freezing room, while I should be sweating off the bacteria), etc.
Just crap, totally crap. I feel better now. But for the record, NOW is half an hour after I started writing the including list. Turns out my mum's letting me stay home one more day. Bye Stress, BYE FELICIA! The mix of emotions in me is too large to handle. I can't write, I just can't! I'll see you guys tomorrow, I should feel better by then.



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