Didn't See It Coming | DAY 20

WOOOOO! I have been posting on this blog for 20 DAYS NOW!!!! That is incredible! WOW! Right, so i want to quickly point out something that made me overwhelmingly happy! I was going through all the Wikipedia pages (as some do) and I stumbled on to a law in Britain, saying that women aren't allowed to wear lipstick because it seduces men into marriage and that (in their opinion) is witchcraft, haha! I was actually laughing so hard, before I decided to modify that sentence a bit and post it on Tumblr:

In 1770, British parliament banned lipstick, saying it had the power to seduce men into marriage, which was classified as witchcraft.
 I don't get how in the bloody world, but that post, that 2 day old post, has 223 notes. I KNOW I'm overexcited, but something like this doesn't happen to often with me! AND, I officially hit 300 views on YouTube!

On the worse news though, one of my teachers scared the crap out of me today, which led to me having an absolute terrible panic attack a few moments later. Luckily tomorrow is my last day of school and I have 6 lessons and only 3 subjects! WOOO! I need to survive this one last day and then I have my class trip and lots of swimming! I'm also going running tomorrow, no matter if I finish my TO DO list or not. After school was awesome though, because I hung out with my great friend Natalie! Heeeeey, gurl!


My knees feel better already, which is extremely weird! I kicked footballs for the first time without my legs hurting! Yay knees! Haha!



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