Back To Work | DAY 15

I can't believe I have been doing this for two weeks now, wow! And already a lot of things have changed. I can't say I have been too healthy though... Sorry guys!

Today was supposed to be a really fun day too, but I started feeling really down and anxious at around 10 o'clock and I only started feeling better a few hours ago. My two primary school friends came round and we hung out for some time. It was also one of theirs birthday (Wish "W" a good birthday in the comments, would you!). Anyway, because I was so anxious from the morning, I was just quite down and ughh... At least I met up with them, I wanted to cancel for a long time! Luckily, I persuaded myself to go hang out.

Anyway... After the girls left, I started getting back to work, doing my homework and calming myself down. Now I just have one day of school and the weekend again, woohoo! I'm also going to my new house on Saturday which is really exiting!!! Today was super hot, 25°C!!! 


Right, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow, on the next beautiful day. What lovely thing did you see or experience today? Tell me ALL about it in the comments below!

Love, GABBY 


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