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Today, I'd like to talk to y'all about certain types of people... BOSSY people. Everyone likes people who can once in a while take matters in to their own hands and be independent. But that doesn't mean that people who don't shall I say "own it" aren't as much liked and loved. And I'm also not saying that people who tell everybody what to do and what not to do are the most popular and most liked. I'm going to tell you guys a story about what a certain bossy gal did to me...

So, I had a bossy girl in my life that literally DESTROYED me.
She tried to make me her best friend and then used me and made my life miserable. Unfortunately, I was shy and I couldn't protect myself from her. She grew up knowing that she has the power and that she can make everyone do everything she wants them to. All the girls around were afraid of her and controlled by her.
Since I was her so called "best friend" and I was the closest to her, I HAD to help to try and stop the bossiness. Me and my class mates all didn't know what to do, so we just did what any school kids would do - we went and talked to our teacher.
At the begging she just wanted us to talk to the bossy gal about it, but we already tried thousands of times and it always looked the same: We talked, she understood, she was nice and not taking control for a bit and after that it went back to normal - the absolute crappy normal. We all started going to the teacher quite often because we were so mixed up. We were that desperate, that we convinced our teacher to talk with the class on the class meetings we had. It made the gal her really sad (and mad) but she understood.
Sometimes she still takes charge, but it became a whole lot lighter. Obviously, some people just grow up with different personalities. It's not her fault that was hers. Yet still, this is the resolution of children getting everything they want! Thank your parents for not giving you EVERYTHING, because you could have ended up being that person.
So... as an end result I'll tell you this:
By going through difficult situations you appreciate the good ones more.
Those BOSSY PEOPLE don't know the bad stuff. And if they have some harder times they take it out on everyone else, like they themselves don't have any problems! The Big Talkers aren't usually as Big as they might seem. Remember this. I'm always here for y'all. Yours, GABBY.

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