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GUYS... This is another serious matter I have to talk with you lot about :) School and learning is REALLY IMPORTANT - no matter what your age!

Let's start from the beginning...
So, when you are just starting to get into a life of a school child, you have to start understanding certain things like: words, letters, numbers, etc. Those are just the basics that every child grows up with knowing. It is obvious that you cannot understand some of the things straight away in primary school. Don't ever lose hope though! There is always a million different possibilities for helping people understand certain things.

For maths, there is a lot of methods for showing people multiplication, subtraction, etc. Some of them are visual, others are based on listening... There is literally a ton of this for every subject. But remember! School is not just for learning mathematics, words and so on. It also helps you understand life and define who you are and who you want to be. At home you find this out too, but school helps you with it, since you do spend a bit of time there, right? :) But guys, don't forget, school is a VERY important matter. I'm not saying you have to start off as a staight-A student and carry on like that through your whole school experience. But you do have to try your best by yourself and if your having troubles then try your best, but with some help! Depending on how well you do in school, you will get into a certain collage and/or university. I'm not trying to pressure you lot. I'm just saying to: NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST! And also, no matter what... KEEP ON, KEEPING ON!

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, so in school remember to try your hardest at everything, but also go in a direction that you want to, in life. If you want to be a dancer then sign up for lessons or learn dance on YouTube! If you want to be a YouTuber, just film your videos and post them! It isn't that hard to do. If your determined, you can do anything and everything!

 I live by this quote... Because of it I'm starting my YouTube channel and obviously, this blog! But don't forget that your parents might be wanting you to do something too. Try to share their interests but still try yours. Because... All's well, that ends well.
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