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Now guys... This is seriously one of the worst and most dangerous kind of violence out there. I'm going to keep this short and simple.

I get you might: not like someone, not like someone's content (on YouTube, on Tumblr etc.), or even someone's lifestyle. But that is still no point to go out on a social network and be rude!

Just because you are behind an alias, doesn't mean you are anonymous.

How would you guys feel if someone started spying on your Instagram and writing mean things under each post? Listen, if you have a problem with someone, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Don't go making the news about it! Everyone has flaws. Most people are aware of them. If they're not - don't worry, it's not your job to tell them their flaws anyway.

And if you don't like that person here are a few tips:
Be nice to him/her - this is the best way to actually get to know the person, he/she might turn out to be your best friend!
Ignore him/her - if this person goes to your school and he/she comes up to you then help them with what they need, in the other had just don't go up to them and when your friends are talking about him/her change the subject or leave the conversation!
If this is a more famous person, like a YouTuber or a celebrity, then just don't what the videos with them, don't follow their social medias... It is all quite simple really!

Maybe this wasn't exactly the shortest post ever, but this is a serious matter that just has to be discussed. Also, if you are the one getting bullied, you should go and talk with someone close to you, like your family or teacher, but if it gets really violent, I'd suggest you'd go to the police. They'll handle it pretty well there :)

So that's all for today and remember this: DO NOT DO TO ANOTHER, WHAT YOU WOULDN'T DO FOR YOURSELF. You might need to think about this line a bit, but it helped me though my life and I hope it'll help you through yours <3

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